Unisex Montante Black & Red High Top Flex Training Dance Sneaker


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Product Description

The Taygra Montante is the high top modern dance shoe that makes a fashion statement.

  • These modern dance shoes are the high top boot version with mid-height ankle support.
  • The trendy bootie-style silhouette and ultra flex pivoting dance sole looks as good as it works.
  • The base is slightly grooved, allowing for grip and control while mimicking the texture of suede for balance to spin.
  • Taygra shoes are made in Brazil from 100 percent recyclable materials.

Looking for the high top modern dance shoes that will fit your needs and your feet? The red and black unisex Taygra Montante is the answer. These flexible dance shoes provide mid-ankle height and support while allowing for maximum comfort, agility, and improved performances. The stylish mixture of recyclable textiles we choose are lightweight, allowing you to bend and turn your feet with minimal restriction. Wear your Taygra Montante dance sneakers barefoot, indoors, and outdoors. Shop here.


  • Run true to size
  • Machine washable 
  • Removable insoles
  • Made in Brazil
  • Made from vegan, recyclable materials
  • Open mesh overlay