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Anatomic PU foam inside sole (sold by pair)

Important Shipping Info

This unique product will be exported from our warehouse in Brazil. Please note that, because of the necessary consolidation process, the delivery date for this item is significantly later than for the items we have in stock in the USA. We know that you can't wait for your Taygra product, but hey, sometimes good things come to those who wait. 😉

Estimated shipping date:
Monday, Aug 19, 2024

What can be said about this jewel of a sole that has been included in all our shoes since the year 2024?

Revolutionary? In any case, extremely lightweight, comfortable, and durable.

Composed of solidified PU foam onto which Jacquard fabric is fixed for a pleasant sensation, this marvelous sole will make your TAYGRA shoes jewels of comfort.

Polyurethane has excellent shock absorption capacity, which helps to reduce the impact on your feet and joints. This can help prevent pain and injuries related to repetitive shocks or high-impact activities.

At the heel, it's 1 cm thick and 4.5 mm at the front.

This polyurethane foam is made from a liquid that transforms into foam at high temperatures. It's sturdy and lightweight, flexible, and has memory foam, meaning it doesn't deform over time.

That's why TAYGRA decided, in 2024, to offer this absolute comfort systematically to its customers

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