Shipping Policy

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Shipping Schedule

Quickship Orders

This applies to products that are labeled "QUICKSHIP" in the store. Those products are in-stock in our USA warehouse in Champlain, NY.

Orders placed any day between Sunday and Thursday before 11:00 AM EST are usually shipped out on the same or the next business day.

Order before Ships out
Monday 11:00 AM EST Tuesday
Tuesday 11:00 AM EST Wednesday
Wednesday 11:00 AM EST Thursday
Thursday 11:00 AM EST Friday
Friday 11:00 AM EST Monday

Brazil Stock Orders

This applies to products that are NOT labeled "QUICKSHIP" in the store. Those products are in-stock in our Brazilian warehouse.

Orders placed any day until the last day of a month ship on the first day of the next month. The orders will be sent in a consolidated shipment to our USA warehouse. This usually takes between 14 and 21 days. Once at the USA warehouse, orders will be individually packed and shipped to the final destination. This time depends on the selected shipping method at checkout.

For example, two orders placed on May 1st and May 28 will both ship out of Brazil on June 1st and should be delivered around June 25.

Delivery Times

The time frames displayed for each shipping service at the checkout are estimates only and are not guaranteed. We do not guarantee delivery dates, although in certain cases, we might be able to get a postage fees refund from the shipping company and will happily transfer that refund to you.

Lost Packages

If your package gets lost, please contact us. We will start a claim with the shipping company. Following the result of the investigation, we might refund the order and/or the shipping cost. Please note that it might take 12 business days or more for the shipping company to complete the investigation and give us the result. Until then, we will not have any updates. We will contact you as soon as we get the results from the shipping company.