This Is The Taygra Montante For Dance & Fitness

This is
for dance
& fitness

Taygra Shoes - Montante Yellow & Green

The Taygra Montante is very similar to the Taygra Slim model in it's materials and build. The main difference between the two models is their respective look. The Montante is high-top while the Slim is low-top.

Don't let your shoes control your moves...

Featuring the ultra-flex pivoting sole

Taygra Shoes - Ultra-Flex Pivoting Sole

The new slimline sole is made from injection-moulded, recyclable PVC. It has been specifically designed to generate very little friction and allow maximum flexibility. Ideal for dance, fitness, workout, the TAYGRA MONTANTE is your best ally for floor control and foot articulation. Stay in control with Taygra's Ultra Flex Pivoting Sole.

Woman Wearing Taygra Montante For Dance & Fitness Outdoor

Carefully Designed For Your Comfort

No more sore feet during workout or long hours dancing. TAYGRA MONTANTE has been created to be the most comfortable dance/training shoes, offering the closest feeling to walking barefoot. We choose materials that are light, flexible, and will not restrain your feet movements. Taygra's insoles are completely removable and can be replaced by the custom insole of your choice.

100% Jungle Friendly

Taygra shoes are made from 100% recycled or recyclable materials. We use water based glue, which offers the same resistance as chemical glue, without being damageable for the environment.

  • High Top for a more urban look.
  • Open mesh overlay allows optimal breathability while enhancing the amplitude of feet movements.
  • Light weight, snug sock-like fit provides maximum comfort, agility and improved performances.
  • Leaves no marks on the floor.
  • Can be worn indoor & outdoor.
  • Removable insoles allows replacement with orthopedic or custom insoles.
  • Vegan, recycled/recyclable materials with water-based glue.
  • Barefoot feeling.
  • Machine washable (delicate, max 30°C).
  • Ideal for Salsa, Bachata, Tango, Kizomba, Swing, Capoeira, Tai chi, Fitness, Workout, Kung Fu, Zumba, Kuduro, or for walking outside!
Black Man Lunges With Taygra Montantes