Taygra Montantes For Women

Ladies, we want your feet and ankles to be well protected.

That’s why we designed our Taygra Montantes, the high top version of our flexible dance sneakers. These are the best fitness shoes you’ll find to wear during your Zumba training class, exercise session, or even just for a stroll around the neighborhood.

That’s right, our Taygra fitness shoes are durable enough to be worn indoors or outdoors, and really wherever you need them the most.

We have a variety of colorways available to match your fashion preferences, from a sleek black and red design to an eye-popping blue and yellow to a smooth snakeskin-style gradient that will blow your fellow dancers away.

What makes our Taygra Montantes stand apart from the rest? Well, the trendy bootie-style design was engineered to provide protection and comfort without sacrificing your mobility, agility, or flexibility. The open mesh overlay, grooved suede-like base, slimline sole, and indeed all of the materials used to handcraft these shoes are all recyclable and 100 percent organic.

That means they’re good for the feet, environment, and your soul.

Our materials are all chosen for their organic, lightweight properties which keeps you happy even during those longer training sessions. What’s more, all of our shoes are made with the environment in mind near the rainforests of Brazil. That’s the Taygra initiative.

Taygra Montantes are built to last, and designed to keep you dancing for hours in comfort and with movement you previously thought was unattainable.

With the Taygra Montante, you get the best fitness shoes for use in:

  • Everyday wear
  • Fitness dance classes
  • Zumba training
  • Hip hop dance 
  • Stage performances
  • Exercise
  • And more! 

Make a fashion statement with shoes that match your tenacity and passion for dance. Get your fashionable and flexible Taygra Montantes today.

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