Men's Favorite Dance Sneakers

Looking for the best dance sneaker for men? Check out our collection of Taygra Dance Shoes for men.

Whether you’re in a salsa - bachata - kizomba - west coast swing - or any other social dance competition, training for an important stage performance, or just want a comfortable, trendy sneaker to dance indoors or outdoors, then our line of men’s dance sneakers are perfect for you.

Taygra Dance Shoes has sneakers for all occasions. From bright & shiny colors to dark and neutral. You will definitely find the shoe that suits your personality and matches your outfit.

Guys, make a fashion statement with our 100% Brazilian-handmade dance sneakers that you can wear anywhere you go. Did your Taygra shoes get dirty after a particularly tough dance session? Don’t worry! All of our shoes are machine washable. Just remove the laces and you’re good to go.

Our men’s dance sneakers are great for:

  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Spinning and turning
  • Breathability and comfort
  • Long hours of dancing, training, or exercising

The Taygra Difference

We handcraft all of our shoes from vegan, recycled materials that are great for your feet and for the environment. Our materials are carefully selected for their flexible qualities, with ultra flex pivoting dance soles made from injection-molded, recyclable PVC with a base that mimics suede, one of the best fabrics for movement without compromising grip.

The water-based glue we use to construct our dance shoes may take longer to try, thus making our shoes longer to produce and not as profitable, but it’s worth it for the environmental advantages that make us one of the most innovative shoe companies out there.

Guys, get your hands (or should we say feet) on a pair of Taygra Dance Shoes right now and feel the difference.

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