Black Shoes

Taygra shoes are the trendy, fashionable dance trainers you have been searching for. And if you need a modern dance trainer that is as sleek as it is efficient, then you’ve come to the right place.

We have a great selection of black, shoes, from our unisex all-black slim flex training dance sneaker to our black and white flex trainers with a white sole, to our unique high top Montante snake-skin sneakers with a black trim and red sole.

If you’re looking to dazzle on the street, on the stage, or wherever you take your dance shoes, then our black dance trainers are right for you.

Here’s what we offer.

Lightweight and Flexible Shoes

From our Taygra slim to our Montante high tops, our dance trainers provide you with the flexibility you need to remain agile, while giving you enough grip to spin and dance effectively.

All of our materials are carefully chosen for their lightweight properties, giving you an almost barefoot feeling that allows you to bend and flex without compromising mobility or speed.

Our materials are recyclable, 100 percent vegan, and in most cases our shoes run true to size.

Plus, you can take your Taygra shoes wherever you go. Wear them inside or outside, and make a fashion statement while standing apart from the competition. All of our shoes are machine washable, made in Brazil, and feature removable insoles so you can customize your Taygras.

Our Materials

Taygra is proud to use 100 percent recyclable materials in all of our products, including our beautiful line of black dance trainers. We have launched a state-of-the art anatomic sole, available in black, white, red, and more, that is made from ecologically sound, orthopedic EVA. That means our dance trainers are not only great for your feet, but for the environment! Get your black Taygra shoes here today.

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