Men's Slim Jeans Flex Training Dance Sneaker

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Wear your fashionable men’s slim hip hop dance sneakers anywhere.

  • Our slimline sole is made from injection-moulded, recyclable PVC, which generates little friction.
  • These Taygra hip hop dance sneakers have a blue jeans look and feel for fashion and function.
  • Taygra shoes are perfect for long hours of dancing or training with maximum comfort.
  • You can wear your lightweight Taygra shoes indoors or outside.

Taygra shoes are the most fashionable hip hop dance sneakers with the most comfort and flexibility on the market. Handmade in Brazil, our shoes feature a moulded base which mimics the texture of suede while providing the balance of slip-to-spin with the grip to remain in control. Our materials are hand-chosen for their lightweight qualities, allowing you to flex, bend, and turn your feet with minimal restriction. Get your blue, ultra flex pivoting hip hop dance sneakers today.


  • True to size 
  • Machine washable 
  • Removable insoles
  • Made in Brazil
  • Made from vegan, recyclable materials
  • Open mesh overlay